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Our elegant and sleek residential cleaning offers high-class quality service without compromise. We have a reliable workforce that pays so much attention to the little details and this is evidence to why most of our recommendations are penthouse apartments and new developments. Whether you’re looking at cleaning your treasure monthly, fortnightly, weekly or more often, we’ll find the perfect service provider to suit your availability, requirements & budget. We’ll happily join forces to make your treasure precious with our exceptional cleaning service that separates us from the pack.

Likewise, not so often do people trade trust but our reliable janitorial /absentia service won over many of the long-term clients that we serve today. We have a wide variety of personalised services that we have packaged to match the needs of some clients who find it difficult to fit ‘cleaning’ into their busy work and social commitments. So, they often take advantage of our trustworthy and reliable key-job service to ensure that their treasures are kept as precious as they desire.

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